What is High Pressure Die Casting

Update:Jun 29 2017

Die casting is a common process for the production of e […]

Die casting is a common process for the production of engineering metal parts by forcing the molten metal under high pressure into a reusable steel mold. These molds, called molds, can be designed to produce complex shapes with high precision and repeatability. The parts can be clearly defined, have a smooth or textured surface, and are suitable for a variety of attractive and usable surface treatments.

Die casting is one of the largest mass production products produced by the metalworking industry and can be found in thousands of consumer products, commercial and industrial products. Die casting is from cars to toys and other products an important part. Parts can be as simple as faucets, or as complex as connectors.

Making the vehicle lighter and more efficient trend increases the demand and potential for high quality structural aluminum castings. This increased demand is a great opportunity to invest in high pressure die casting plants. Compared to other process technologies, high-pressure die-casting (HPDC) processes can produce highly complete castings at a competitive cost. Most of the casting defects are due to oxide, hydrogen content, sludge and waste and other factors caused by poor metal quality. High integrity die casting requires significantly improved metal quality compared to standard die cast aluminum applications. Therefore, metal quality is critical. These quality requirements require the plant to better manage every stage of the HPDC process.

Chinadiecasting's high pressure die casting team is committed to improving metal quality and die casting performance through integrated systems of fusion, metal retention, transfer and metal handling. HPDC solutions include furnaces, pumps, degassing equipment, buckets, filters, and so on.