Aluminum Die Casting Process Introduction

Update:Jul 11 2017

Although the die casting method may refer to any type o […]

Although the die casting method may refer to any type of casting using a mold such as gravity die casting or low pressure die casting, the die casting herein refers only to high pressure die casting. Aluminum die-casting is the process of casting aluminum alloy under pressure, can produce low-cost high-capacity precision parts. Aluminum die casting has two processes, namely, hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting.

Die casting has small size but low cost Compared with aluminum sand casting and gravity casting, aluminum die casting can produce high-precision parts at low cost.

Good surface finish, good dimensional accuracy of aluminum die-casting general surface finish is good, good size accuracy. For many parts, the post-processing can be completely eliminated, or it may take very light processing to achieve size.

In the cold chamber die casting process, the molten aluminum alloy into the cold room every time. Melt alloys have less exposure to plunger walls or plungers. This is particularly useful for aluminum alloys that are readily available with ferroalloys at higher temperatures.

After the molten aluminum alloy is placed in the cold room, the piston will be injected into the cavity of the die-casting mold by three different pressure phrases. The pressurized molten aluminum alloy passes through the spray system, the operating system and the gate system sequentially into the cavity of the die casting mold.

The filling chamber with the influence of the cooling system forms the desired aluminum die-casting product. The moving mold then moves away from the fixed mold while the ejector ejects the casting.