High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Process

Update:Aug 14 2017

Due to the excellent size accuracy and smooth surface, […]

Due to the excellent size accuracy and smooth surface, most of the high pressure die-casting parts do not need to be machined except to remove the flash and possible drilling and tapping holes around the edges. Compared with other casting processes, high pressure die-casting is fast and cost low.

There are several aluminum alloy die casting parts, which are suitable for high pressure die-casting parts with different mechanical properties and chemical failures. Aluminum is used in 80 % - 90 % of high pressure die-casting alloys in the world. In many cases, aluminum pressure die-casting can replace steel, increase strength, and reduce the weight of parts. We produce high pressure die-casting parts, which are less than an ounce size, to 10 pounds. If we have high pressure die-casting, and have completed our first inspection, we can usually produce and transport high pressure die-casting parts within two weeks after receipt of purchase order.

We will produce a small amount of high pressure die casting for our customers, and there are very few 100 high-pressure casting parts. The high pressure casting parts of high pressure die casting parts have high cost and high price for high pressure die casting parts. Some die-casting parts makers won't be in trouble with thousands of pieces, so this is an advantage of dynamic die-casting.

High pressure die casting molds, sometimes called high pressure die casting tools, are hardened by steel to withstand high temperature and high pressure. There are various types of high pressure die-casting molds, from simple low cost insert to full high pressure die casting mould, focusing only on one part. Once the high pressure die casting tool is produced, the cost of manufacturing high pressure die casting is very small. We have an in-house tool maker that can let your high-pressure die casting mold or insert your inserts into one of our containers at a competitive price. Die casting, mould processing.

The dimension precision of dynamic die casting is one of our outstanding characteristics. We will create an "action table" that has some test points to deliver the high pressure die casting you want. We provide a "consistency certificate" for each batch of high pressure die-casting parts.