Manufacturing Processes - Die Casting

Update:Dec 09 2016

Gravity die casting is a simple casting action which ut […]

Gravity die casting is a simple casting action which utilises reusable metallic moulds. The action is primarily acclimated for simple shapes with some basal coring possible. It is mostly ill-fitted to casting ablaze alloys but can aswell be acclimated for animate and casting irons.

The two behindhand of the mould are sprayed with a coating (usually silicate based) and again put calm application analysis pins to adjust the two behindhand and clamped. The mould is acrimonious application gas burners above-mentioned to cloudburst the aqueous metal. The mould will about accept a abettor for cloudburst and a riser to acquiesce the aqueous metal to run through, the bushing action is commonly aided by spraying the mould with lubricants just above-mentioned to pouring.

The coating serves two purposes:

to act as a absolution abettor that prevents the aqueous metal adhering to the metal die

to anticipate abortive alliance of the aqueous metal

Once caked the mould is accustomed to air-conditioned afore getting opened to absolution the casting. Further machining will be all-important to abolish any balance actual and calefaction analysis may be appropriate abased on basic use.


Acceptable apparent texture

Equipment costs are almost low

No charge for activated pressure, so mould designs tend to be absolutely simple

Atom metal can be recycled

Quick set up times


High allotment of atom metal

High accident of porosity, but this can be minimized by slower pouring

Only acceptable for simple 3D shapes, cannot be acclimated for circuitous shapes

There are new coatings acceptable accessible for force die casting that are abundant best abiding than the silicate based coatings and that anticipate the charge for connected retouching up and extend the advantageous activity of the moulds.