Process of High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Process

Update:Jun 06 2017

The above figure shows the cold chamber die casting mac […]

The above figure shows the cold chamber die casting machine. The term & quot; cold chamber die casting & quot; refers to a separate metal melting furnace. High-pressure die-casting, cold chamber die casting process is as follows:

The die casting machine opens the die casting mold. Remove the original part and spray the die casting mold to the next part. Use aluminum ladle to pour aluminum into the tub. The jet piston injects the metal into the die casting mold. Open the machine and restart the process. What is the high pressure aluminum die casting process?

High-pressure aluminum die-casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal (aluminum) is injected under pressure with a die-casting machine at a relatively large pressure into a steel mold or mold to form a product.

Due to the excellent dimensional accuracy and smoothness of the surface, most high-pressure die castings do not need to be machined except to remove the flash and possible holes and tapping holes around the edges. Compared to other casting processes, high pressure die casting is fast and cheap.

Aluminum for today's high-pressure die-casting alloy 80-90%. In many cases, aluminum high-pressure die-casting can replace steel, improve strength, reduce part weight.

High-pressure mold production capacity. Thousands of high-pressure castings can be designed and manufactured in one day using the right die-casting molds and the appropriate high-pressure die castings. Power die casting In some cases, 20,000 to 300,000 sets of high pressure castings are produced per week. We can design or work with your designers to develop high-capacity high-pressure die-casting molds.

We will produce a small amount of high pressure die casting for our customers, as little as 100 high pressure die castings. Manufacture and completion of high-pressure die-casting costs higher than the larger number, so the high price of high-pressure die. Some die-cast manufacturers will not disturb the following thousands of people, so this becomes the advantage of power die-casting.