The Advantages of Aluminum Casting

Update:Jun 15 2017

Die casting high precision, stable size, good consisten […]

Die casting high precision, stable size, good consistency, less processing margin, smooth surface, less processing margin, surface roughness value Ra3.2 the following, casting assembly interchangeability, just a small amount of parts can be processed For assembly, and some parts even without machine can be directly assembled to use. Casting is compact, has good mechanical properties, in the metal under the pressure of the role of solidification, the resulting fine grain, the organization is very dense, reflecting the high strength, and good wear resistance. Die casting products production cycle is short, suitable for large quantities of production.

Aluminum die casting With the development of the automobile industry, especially since the 1990s, die-casting industry has developed rapidly, has developed into a new industry, China's casting production in recent years increased year by year, in 2008 has reached 32 million tons, accounting for about the national economy 0.6% of GDP. 0.8%, die casting with high dimensional accuracy, good mechanical properties, high production efficiency, so widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, communications, home appliances, electronics, instrumentation and aerospace and other fields.

100% reaction curing does not shrink, curing agent tough aging, resistant to chemical medium, can seal 1.5um ultra-fine pores. Simple operation, high efficiency, 45 minutes to complete a infiltration process, the workpiece pass rate of 98% or more. Infiltration per ton of workpiece consumes about 4 kg of glue. Powder metallurgy sintering after infiltration, can make the tool force evenly, the processing speed, tool life greatly extended. Easy to clean, does not affect the work surface accuracy, no corrosion of metal, the operator and the environment harmless. Casting in the plating, painting before infiltration, can extend the life of parts, and the surface treatment of good quality. And inorganic silicate and synthetic resin cost is low, but the comprehensive comparison of scrap costs, energy consumption, greatly improve the efficiency and save the working time cost, with the heat curing process will greatly reduce the cost.

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