The Advantages of High Pressure Die Casting

Update:Jun 22 2017

Die casting is a manufacturing process that produces ge […]

Die casting is a manufacturing process that produces geometrically complex metal parts by using a reusable mold called a mold. Non-ferrous metal alloys such as aluminum or zinc are melted in the furnace and then injected into the mold in the high pressure die casting machine.

The die-casting feature is that the molten metal is forced into the mold cavity under high pressure. The mold cavity is manufactured using two hardened tool steel molds which have been machined into a shape and are similarly operated with the injection mold in the process.

Pressure die casting is a fast, reliable and cost-effective manufacturing process for the production of high-volume metal parts with strict tolerances. Basically, the pressure die casting process involves pouring molten metal alloy into the steel mold under high pressure. This quickly solidifies to form a mesh member. And then automatically extract.

Depending on the pressure used, there are two types of die-casting, high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting. Although high pressure die casting has a wider range of applications, including all light alloy casting production of nearly 50%. The current low-pressure casting accounted for about 20% of total output, but the use is increasing. For castings that require rigorous tolerances and detailed geometries, high pressure castings must be used. Due to the additional pressure to be able to push the metal into the mold more detailed features. Low-pressure die-casting is usually used for larger and non-critical components.

However, the machine and its molds are very expensive, so pressure die casting is only suitable for mass production.

Reduce costs compared to other processes. Economy - It is usually possible to produce any number of components from thousands to millions before the need to replace. Castings with tight size control and good surface finish. With thin-walled castings, so lighter weight.