Use of High Pressure Die Casting

Update:Jul 18 2017

High pressure die casting offers some of the biggest ch […]

High pressure die casting offers some of the biggest challenges for casting simulation software. FLOW-3D Cast has several features that greatly improve the accuracy of mold fill simulation, enabling users to critically analyze the filling process, including high-precision algorithms and favor methods for tracking the forefront of mobile metals to accurately represent complex Geometry usually involves high pressure die casting. In addition, it has a variety of models for detecting defective areas such as entrained air, thermal stress, micropores and wrinkles and inclusions.

Hot die cycle simulation is critical for high pressure die casting because the same mold is reused to produce thousands of castings. As the mold warps and keep the mold temperature consistent, resulting in dimensional instability. The temperature distribution caused by the combined effect of mold heating, spraying and air blowing, the position of the cooling channel and the insert can be accurately and effectively predicted

In high-pressure die-casting, the shot tube will quickly push the liquid metal into the mold. Horizontal orientation, the metal through the top of the filling hole injection, the piston will push down the metal. The purpose of the correct design of the spray sleeve is to push the metal into the mold as quickly as possible to avoid premature solidification, resulting in incomplete or defective filling. However, if the piston moves too fast, the liquid metal will collapse to capture air that may have internal defects in the final casting.

The most complex high-pressure die-casting challenge is to accurately track metals at high pressure and high speed into the mold cavity. The splashing of the metal in the entire cavity is a major challenge for any software defect prediction. Using our method, we can determine the position of the gate to ensure that the gate has the best flow pattern, the overflow position to ensure that the defect flows to them, as well as the presence of early solidification.